YB applauds initiatives to empower women, youth

Rokiah Mahmud

Various initiatives have been made to empower women in the country. This is evident in the data, shared by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports during the celebration of the International Women’s Day last Sunday, that some 55 per cent of 50,768 civil servants are comprised of women, while the private sector at 38 per cent.

This was said by appointed member of Legislative Council (LegCo) Yang Berhormat Dayang Khairunnisa binti Awang Haji Ash’ari yesterday morning at the second day of the 16th LegCo session.

She added that in the terms of education, more women successfully completed their studies at higher education institutions, including in the field of science and technology.

Meanwhile, regarding the youth, Yang Berhormat Dyg Khairunnisa noted that the youth have been given a lot of opportunities to showcase their organisation skills at a national scale while participating in volunteerism and entrepreneurship projects both locally and internationally.

The Yang Berhormat noted that Brunei is set to face an ageing society as over 10 per cent of its population are aged 60 and above. Therefore, preparation is needed in ensuring that these senior citizens will receive healthcare services they deserve.

Meanwhile, she believed that financial independence is utmost importance in reducing future problems such as debts.

In regards to mental health issues, the Yang Berhormat expressed her appreciation to the Ministry of Health’s effort in establishing a mental health hotline, though she also called for more attention in addressing societal stigmas and legal protection issues.

In addition, she said, the hotline should be ungraded to ensure all members of the society receive the help they need.

Commenting on plastic pollution, she believed it is caused by irresponsible individuals. If the problem persists, she said, the government will face the burden of cleaning and removing plastic wastes to curb the harmful effects it has on tourism as well as the environment.

Yang Berhormat Dayang Khairunnisa binti Awang Haji Ash’ari speaks at the First Meeting of the 16th Legislative Council session. PHOTO: BAHYIAH BAKIR