Traditional dishes with a twist

Daniel Lim

The need to innovate has always been driven by a sense of curiosity, which is backed up by a challenge to alter the status quo. This extends to all kinds of fields and studies, including in economics and cuisine.

The ‘Innovate Brunei 2020’ booth sale was organised by the School of Business at the Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) Sultan Bolkiah Campus (SBC) recently as part of students’ practical assessment in their Enterprise and Innovation module.

The event provided an opportunity for those studying under the module to move beyond the classroom to innovate on the front line by conducting a business within the campus grounds.

During the first two days of the assessment and booth sale were held, the Bulletin spoke to some of the students on how they applied their innovation and creativity in creating a new twist on traditional dishes.

One of the groups chose Kuih Lenggang as the starting point with a booth named ‘Sweet Tooth’, and as the name suggested, their creation was quite on the sweeter side of things.

Sweet Tooth showcasing their products. PHOTO: DANIEL LIM

“We based the idea off our group name, and as such, our fillings are very sweet, which caters to the taste of many of the students at the campus,” explained Nur Fathullah binti Mohd Nordin, who is the General Manager of Sweet Tooth.

She shared that traditional Kuih Lenggang is rolled up with fillings comprising ingredients such as coconut flesh. However, the group’s twist on the traditional dish saw them using the batter to create a pancake-like base, which they then folded into a crepe with chocolate based filings.

“Not only does it change the presentation, but also the fillings make our version more appealing to the younger generation, while staying true to the traditional recipe of Kuih Lenggang,” she continued.

In conducting the sale as part of their practical assessment, she and her group noted that the response from the general populace of the campus has been positive, as people were drawn in by the uniqueness of both the product’s presentation and taste.

Another booth by a group called Donde Rues sold quite an attractive set of curry puffs, which the group had stylised as Karipap.

Syahzanani as the General Manager of Donde Rues, explained that their creations stemmed from their brainstorming sessions as well as research both online as well as locally.

“The Karipap that we have here contains different fillings, which include chocolate, carbonara cheese, and chicken,” she said, showcasing neat packages of three assorted and colour-coded curry puffs.

She also noted that, despite the challenges that she and her team faced, overall the curry puffs were quite well-received, as many students as well as teachers of the campus were eager to taste the multi-coloured curry puffs sold at the event.

She added that if they were to do a sales booth such as this in the future, she and her team would also change the shape of the curry puffs, which not only serves to better secure the fillings, but also to help boost the food’s uniqueness to attract even more curious customers.

One group that aimed their sights on innovating with the traditional Kuih Bahulu to meet the change in tastes among the new generation was ‘Sparkle Ringkle’.

Its General Manager Adi Fauzan bin Abu Bakar explained that his team took the traditional Kuih Bahulu, and hollowed it out to load it with various fillings.

“This includes chocolate, sprinkles, and more, which complements and adds onto both the taste and texture of the traditional Kuih Bahulu,” he said, highlighting how the soft and gooey fillings complemented the crispy outer texture of Kuih Bahulu.

The idea came about in a brainstorming session, which led them to experiment with various ideas and samples that they made with other traditional dishes, before settling with Kuih Bahulu with fillings.

In addition, the Sparkle Ringkle group came up with other products, including Popia with banana filling. Adi Fauzan noted that all of these products served to further attract customers to the booths set up in the area.

“When customers visited our booth and saw what we made, they were amazed by the combination, and when they actually tried it, they were quite pleased with the taste and texture, with some actually wanting to buy more,” he said.