Star teachers, students receive awards

James Kon

The Rotary Club of Bandar Seri Begawan (Rotary Club BSB) on Sunday awarded the best teachers and students as well as offered aid to underprivileged students during a ceremony at Mulia Hotel.

Recipients of the Best Teacher Awards were Kwan Fui San of Chung Hwa Middle School BSB, Sim Lei Hui (Lily) of St George’s School and Chong Sook Tin of St Andrew’s School.

Meanwhile, Best Student Awards went to Sharon Ting Lang Xuan of Chung Hwa Middle School BSB, Sii Shiawa Yeu of St Andrew’s School and Cely Jelita Cristy of St George’s School.

Ten students from Chung Hwa Middle School BSB, St Andrew’s School, St George’s School and Maktab Duli Pengiran Muda Al-Muhtadee Billah College received bursaries.

Rotary Club BSB President Jimmy Chung said, “This is a yearly event where we recognise the best teachers, best students and support students in need. This project is in line with the rotary goals to support basic education and literacy.”

Rotary Club BSB members in a group photo with the awardees

He added, “Education is the key to success, and we believe with education, you will be able to improve the quality of life of yourself and the people around you.”

“This year, we will support 10 students and will be spending approximately BND22,000 in tuition fees which will allow the students to continue their studies without any financial worries,” Chung stressed.

To the bursary recipients, Chung said, “I hope you will continue your studies and work hard for your future, as you will be the future leaders.” The president also revealed that the bursary will be obtained through the club’s charity golf event on April 19.

He said, “We hope members of the public will support the golf event for education.”

Also in attendance at the ceremony were Rotary Club BSB District Governor Jeff Yong and spouse Betty as well as other members of the organization.