South Korea to keep out visitors who have a fever

SEOUL (AP) — South Korea said it will block any passenger with even a mild fever from entering the country starting next week to counter a rise in coronavirus cases linked to arrivals from abroad.

South Krea Health Ministry official Koh Deuk-young yesterday said all airlines flying to South Korea from Monday will be required to screen passengers for fevers and deny boarding anyone with a temperature higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius. Koh said airlines will refund tickets for those who are denied flights.

South Korea in past weeks has been scrambling to strengthen border controls, including enforcing two-week quarantines on South Korean nationals and foreigners with long-term stay visas arriving from the United States (US) and Europe amid broadening outbreaks in the West.

Medical staff members arrive for a duty shift in Daegu, South Korea, yesterday. PHOTO: AP