Safety concern regarding three-lane roundabout

I would like to raise my concern regarding the three-lane roundabout in between Gadong, Kiarong and Kiulap.

I have seen many motorists driving recklessly in the area in their attempy to avoid the red light.

Some motorists even cut the queue by going into the outer lane and then suddenly turn into the inner lane as they do not want to wait in line.

This is very dangerous and accidents have happened as a result. Even if the motorist avoids an accident, other road users are affected as they have to brake suddenly to give way to the motorist swerving in to the lane.

These incidents happen on a daily basis, especially during rush hours.

Can the authorities look into this matter?

Perhaps authorities can block the left most lane of the roundabout entrance so motorists will not take advantage of it?

Authorities can even erect a traffic camera to nab the perpetrators and take strict action by slapping them with fines and demerit points.

Safety on the roads

This Google Maps screenshot provided by the writer shows the roundabout entrance where motorists cut the queue by going into the outer lane and then suddenly turning into the inner lane