MCYS announces temporary closure of counter services

Izah Azahari

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS) informed the public that counter services at the departments under the ministry will be temporarily closed from March 24 until further notice.

The temporary closure are for the headquarters and all branches in each district including the Community Development Department’s (JAPEM) Monthly Welfare Assistance (BKB) Application Counter; the Old Age Pension, Blind Pension, Disabled Pension, Mentally Ill Person Allowance, Hansen Allowance and Disabled Allowance Application Counter; Orphan Registration and Child Care Centre Registration Counters; and the Administration and Finance Service Counter. For these counter services, related forms and documents are to be sent and inserted into the specific boxes placed on the first floor of the MCYS building or at one of the JAPEM branches in the districts.

MCYS will also be temporarily closing the counter services under the Department of Youth and Sports’ Revenue Unit Counter, Administration and Finance Division; the Language and Literature Bureau’s Finance Unit Counter, Language and Jawi Implementation Unit Counter, Translation Counter, Book Planning Counter and Book Lending Counter Service.

Counter service temporarily closed under the Museums Department include the National Archives Access and Reference Services Counter and the National Archives File Acceptance Counter as well as the Museums Department Library Services and Library Access Counters. Service counters under the Brunei History Centre include the Finance Unit Counter, the Library Reference Counter and the Borneo Research Centre Reference Counter as well as the National Service Programme (PKBN) Division of MCYS’ National Service Programme Counter Service.

However, JAPEM counter services for penghulus and village heads to collect pensions, allowances and monthly welfare assistance will open on March 28.