Maintain enduring relationships and friendships, Imams say

Azlan Othman

Yesterday’s Friday sermon urged Muslims to build a close relationship with Allah the Almighty, by means of good deeds and charity.

“Besides maintaining a relationship with Allah the Almighty, we must also maintain sound relations with people, such as our family, relatives, neighbours, friends and colleagues,” said Imams in delivering the sermon.

“Know that the perfection and stability of one’s devotion is not only limited to the six pillars of faith, but also by treating your relationships as the tributaries of faith.

“Our religion encourages its adherents to maintain enduring relationships and friendships.

“As Muslims, let us avoid….gossip, insults, peevishness, slander and so on. Hopefully, by avoiding all these bad habits, we will be counted among the pure with perpetuating love and remembrance for Allah the Almighty and His Messenger.”