Local man jailed five years for causing injuries

Azlan Othman

A local man was convicted by the Syariah High Court yesterday for causing injuries to another person under Section 169 (2) (a) of the Syariah Criminal Penal Code 2013 that carries Ta’zir (punishment for offences at the discretion of the judge or Qadi) penalty.

Mohammad Nornazimi Fatullah bin Mohamad Safihi struck a 49-year-old local in Kampong Mulaut with a piece of wood on March 3, 2020 fracturing the victim’s head and causing injuries to the brain resulting the victim to be unconscious for several days.

Mohammad Nornazimi Fatullah received an imprisonment sentence for five years beginning on the day he was remanded on March 4, 2020. He was also ordered to pay Arsy (compensation to the victim) which is one third of Diyat (blood money) as stated in the Syariah Criminal Penal Code 2013 amounting to BND91,516.66.

The court ordered the convict to pay Arsy (compensation) in stages for three years. If he fails to make the payment, he will face an additional imprisonment sentence until the Arsy is paid or the victim forgives him.

In imposing the sentence, the court also took into account public interest and the penalty would be a lesson to the convict and the public.

The court also reminded Mohammad Nornazimi Fatullah that what happened between the convict and victim is not an excuse to be aggressive.

The court also took note of the serious injuries the victim has sustained.

Investigations were conducted by Sengkurong Police Station personnel while the Syar’ie Prosecutor of the Syar’ie Prosecution Department of the Ministry of Religious Affairs prosecuted.