Lest We Forget


Compiled by Faruq Bostaman

‘Disney On Ice’ a sell-out

Jacky Lim

MARCH 11, 2000 – Due to the high demand for Disney On Ice in Brunei, negotiations are on to extend the show, said the official coordinator Soh Lai Huat of the IMG Company.

“Disney On Ice is also on a very tight schedule and they will go to Australia next,” he said.

“I hope to bring the good news to the public regarding the extension of show but it might take some time,” he added.

Yesterday, Disney On Ice tickets were only sold at three outlets: SupaSave Gadong, Mabohai and SupaSave Seria Shell Commissariat.

At the Gadong outlet, customers started the queue at around six in the morning, said the Manager-in-Charge Lee. He was at work at 7am when he saw 10 customers waiting to buy the tickets for ‘Disney On Ice’. In two hours the tickets were all sold out.

At SupaSave Mabohai, customers started their queue at 8am yesterday and within two hours, tickets were all sold out, said SupaSave Mabohai Outlet Manager Ku. At SupaSave Seria, Manager Kuan said by almost 11 in the morning, all tickets were sold out. The queue also started before 8am.

When the school holidays start in April, Disney On Ice will for the very first time put on a marvellous performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in Brunei Darussalam. This fabulous show has not only captured the hearts of children all over the world, but has also cast its spell over adults.

First big harvest underway at Mulaut

MARCH 8, 1980 – The first major harvest at the government’s massive paddy scheme at Mulaut, about 20 miles from Bandar Seri Begawan, is now well underway.

Altogether about 320 acres of a local paddy variety known as Tampoi will be harvested. By last Saturday 80 acres had been gathered after 10 days’ work. There was one small harvest late last year but that was hit by adverse conditions, as well as flocks of birds eating the crop. In addition, a different variety of paddy was used.

This time, at the height of the main harvest season, birds have not been a major problem and by last weekend no rain had fallen on the site during the harvest. If the paddy is wet it sticks to the blades of the huge combine harvester. For the same reason, because of early morning dew, the machine does not start operating each day until about 9.30am.

Besides the main combine harvester, which can collect about a tonne of paddy at a time and then pours the crop onto waiting trucks, there is only one other very small harvester.

Breakdowns are caused by such things as the combine harvester picking up large stones in the paddy fields which then jam the machinery.

Paddy is loaded onto a waiting lorry to be taken to Jerudong for drying
A crew carrying out repairs on the combine harvester

The chute which pours the load of paddy onto the waiting trucks to take the crop to Jerudong for drying can also get jammed.

Delays while repairs are carried out are longer than would normally be necessary because there is a lack of qualified mechanics on the site.

The enormous scheme is being carried out jointly by the Agriculture Department and the Department of Public Works.

As the Public Works Department completes developing each field it hands it over to the Agriculture Department to farm.

The cost of developing the fields, which are formerly jungle and buffalo-grazing land, is more than BND5,000 an acre. But this includes surveying, clearing and irrigation.

The long-term aim is to help Brunei become self-sufficient in rice production.