Leading German car care products at 5th BKS

Azlan Othman

Leading car care products in Germany, SONAX products and services are available for purchase at the 5th Borneo Kustom Show (BKS) at Bridex Hall from March 7-8.

SONAX Brunei also has flown its principals to demonstrate its products and services, and methods and techniques to achieve best aesthetic look and car care.

SONAX was one of the first car care companies to pro-actively develop environment friendly products and they are on the leading edge of nanotechnology. SONAX’s top of line care product, Ceramic Coating CC36, a nantechnology-based long term sealant bonds to paint surface providing a glass-like finish, but flexible long-term protection with exceptional resistance to UV light and chemicals. The products boast protection to aggressive environmental influences such as road salt, tar, and street and industrial pollution. Cars coated with Sonax products will get super hydrophobic, act as a dirt repellent and require less maintenance effort due to easy-to-clean effect.

It also gives a deep shine with impressive colour intensity lasting for up to three years.

“SONAX Brunei offers basic car wash, polish and premium car care such as ceramic coating. Being here at BKS helps bridge our business and consumers,” said Hakim Rampage of SONAX Brunei.

SONAX Brunei looks forward to offer car owners a holistic retail experience, and further innovate and grow the car care industry.

SONAX Brunei team in a group photo at the 5th Borneo Kustom Show. PHOTO: AZLAN OTHMAN