Four chosen for Cadet Pilot programme

Izah Azahari

Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) marked another milestone in their Cadet Pilot programme with a signing ceremony for the four cadet pilots chosen out of the 48 shortlisted applicants.

The Cadet Pilots are Hairul Azhiim bin Abidin, Siti Nursufizah binti Mohammad Suffian, Awangku Muhd Munir Nabil Hazim bin Pengiran Haji Momin and Yong Chingyi.

RB was represented by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Karam Chand, Chief People and Performance Officer Richard Rendell and Chief Operating Officer Captain Saiful Bahrin bin Bahar at the signing ceremony. RB’s CEO in his welcoming speech highlighted that the RB Cadet Pilot Programme was held since 1975 and has allowed the airline to develop local pilots and fill three quarters of their requirement to fly to the host of destinations RB operates to.

“We currently have 105 local pilots at the control of our new technology and young fleet. Eight cadets are undergoing a demanding programme where we set very high expectations,” said Karam.

Siti Nursufizah, 19, expressed joy over being chosen for the programme. “Alhamdulillah I got this. I hope more female pilots will join the cadetship programme,” she said. “The signing ceremony is just the beginning. First, I have to pass my ground training and school, but I’m very excited.”

Royal Brunei Airlines CEO Karam Chand in a group photo with the four cadet pilots; and Karam Chand delivers his speech. PHOTOS: RAHWANI ZAHARI

Siti Nursufizah said this was the first time she applied for the programme which she found out about last year after visiting an education expo in which RB participated.

Yong Chingyi, 24, said he is grateful and excited about the programme, which he hopes to pass and come back as a pilot for RB.

“I hope everything will go smoothly. I know it will be challenging, but also fun because time flies when you’re having fun,” exclaimed Chingyi.

“This was my first attempt at applying. I saw it in the newspaper and heard it from friends, so I applied and I’m here today.”

Chingyi added that this career path always seemed like an unachievable dream.

The cadet pilot programme will commence on March 16 with RB training partner L3 Harris Commercial Aviation in New Zealand and the United Kingdom (UK), and is expected to be completed by September 2021.

RB has a pilot workforce of 105 with local pilots comprising 73 per cent which includes 39 local captains, 53 local senior first officers and 12 local first officers, as well as eight cadets currently in-training.