Exhibition raises awareness on hearing care

Daniel Lim

The Otorhinolaryngology (ORL) Department at the Ministry of Health conducted a series of exhibitions across the nation to mark the World Hearing Day.

In the Belait District, the exhibition was held at the Outpatient Hall of Suri Seri Begawan Hospital. The event aimed to highlight the importance of caring for one’s hearing, besides creating awareness on signs and indications of hearing loss.

Themed ‘Hearing For Life,’ several booths were set up by medical officers to help disseminate information on hearing care to visitors.

This included information on ‘Meeting with Audiologists’, ‘Hearing check with HearWHO app’, ‘Newborn Hearing Screening Programme’, and ‘Auditory Verbal Therapy’.

Visitors also participated in an ear check-up, and could sign up for the Silent Walk, a charity event to encourage hearing care not only through diagnosis and treatment, but also intervention and support in managing ear diseases and hearing loss.

A visitor gets an ear check-up
A medical officer briefs visitors. PHOTOS: DANIEL LIM