Ellie Goulding says musicians risk becoming invisible without social media

Ellie Goulding thinks musicians risk becoming “invisible” if they don’t engage with social media.

The 33-year-old pop star – who has 6.8 million followers on Twitter and 14.4 million followers on Instagram – recognises the importance of social media platforms, even though the feedback she receives can be hurtful.

She said: “If you’re an artist and you’re not on social media, you’re essentially invisible.” Similarly, Ellie also revealed she’s often faced situations where she felt compelled to perform – even though she thought she shouldn’t.

The singer – who has previously spoken about her mental health struggles over the years – told the BBC: “I remember being really poorly once. My voice was gone and I was just generally having a hard time, having toured solidly for about five years.”

Ellie believed she was simply “unable to deliver” a live performance to her usual standard and was set to withdraw from a radio show.

But, she was warned, “We’ll never work with you again … You either do this or you’re blacklisted.’ “So then you’re like, ‘I’ll have to do it, but it’s at the risk of completely shutting down.’” Meanwhile, Ellie previously confessed that her pop career can feel “frivolous” compared to her climate change activism.

However, the singer thinks her influence is tied to the success of her music. She shared, “One of my motivations to have a bigger platform as a singer is so that I have more people to reach.

“Climate change has got to a critical point where we all need to be very active; we need to compensate for what’s going on in certain political situations.”