Climb the ladder of success with school, parents’ help

Daniel Lim

Pengiran Jaya Negara Pengiran Haji Abu Bakar Secondary School (SMPJNPHAB) hosted a graduation ceremony for its Year 11 students at its multi-purpose hall last Saturday.

Chairman of Young Minds Learning Centre Koh Hong Puah, who was the Assistant Director of Schools and Head of the Secondary Education at the Department of Schools, was the guest of honour.

The guest of honour, the students’ parents and guardians were welcomed by Principal Chin Ai Fong.

The principal congratulated the students for their achievements. She highlighted how their efforts helped boost the academic grades achieved by the school as a whole.

“With this, the school hopes that the class of 2020 will meet and overcome the benchmark set by you, the Class of 2019, in advancing the academic prestige of the school,” she said.

The guest of honour also advised the students that while they should celebrate their achievement, they must not become complacent as it is just a beginning of their educational journey.

“There are a few more stages that you need to climb and pass through, and it is important for you to prepare for your future in realising the Brunei Vision 2035, but with the support from school, parents and guardians, I am confident that this can be achieved with great success,” he said.

The ceremony continued with the presentation of prizes and certificates. Several student representatives spoke on their time at school. The ceremony concluded with the graduating students singing the school song.

Guest of honour Chairman of Young Minds Learning Centre Koh Hong Puah in a group photo. PHOTO: DANIEL LIM