Border crossing foiled for two locals

Hakim Hayat

Two local men were brought in for questioning at the Limau Manis Police Station for allegedly entering the country thorough a mouse trail around the vicinity of Kampong Junjungan, despite the travel ban for Brunei citizens and residents from exiting the country amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) in a statement said in the first case, local Awangku Mohammad Azri bin Pengiran Suhaimi, 34, was apprehended after he was found to have used the route to exit and enter the border.

In the second case, a permanent resident Aris @ Rais bin Tuah, 66, was found by the Company C Police Reserve Unit riding a motorcycle also to exit and enter the border.

Both suspects were handed over to the Immigration and National Registration Department for further questioning and action.

According to the police, their personnel remain vigilant, especially in protecting Brunei’s borders to ensure no intrusion or smuggling of contrabands into Brunei.

The motorcycle used for exiting and entering the country by one of the suspects. PHOTO: RBPF