BIBD urges public to use digital, cashless services

BIBD is rallying the public with Go! campaign to encourage customers to Go Cashless or Go Digital and promote the habits of doing banking needs on the digital platforms.

As the country heeds the Ministry of Health’s call to practise physical distancing amid the COVID-19 outbreak, BIBD urged customers to take advantage of the digital and cashless services available under the BIBD NEXGEN banner.

Customers can Go Digital by paying their bills from a list of over 70 payees (from individual needs to corporate needs including TAP payments), purchase e-Credits, top up their electricity and prepaid mobile credits.

Sending funds, by direct transfer from your accounts or through BIBD’s Virtual Mastercard (VMC) is also made easy through the mobile app, BIBD NEXGEN Wallet.

Customers can also donate to a charity of their choice (including the COVID-19 Relief Fund) or invest in BIBD Aspirasi.

BIBD’s corporate clientele can make use of BIBD BizNet to conduct their business transactions and Go Cashless for their payment methods to avoid depositing cash and the crowds at bank branches.

With the ability to pay for their trade or business needs locally or internationally to paying their staff payroll, the services would help reduce the requirement to go to the bank.

Customers are also advised to avoid queueing at the ATMs during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Customers can use BIBD’s contactless debit and credit cards, as well as BIBD QuickPay – a form of payment using QR code that is currently accepted by over 450 merchants.

Customers can also use BIBD Wave payment services by waving mobile phone (NFC-enabled) on the card terminal.

BIBD believes that the fight against COVID-19 is a collective responsibility, and small changes in daily routine can often have a big impact.

The bank urges customers to avoid going to the branches unless needed and utilise BIBD NEXGEN services.