BIBD account opening procedure for pension recipients

In view of the ongoing spread of COVID-19, and in line with the Ministry of Finance and Economy’s initiative to make pension payments directly to bank accounts from April 2020 onwards, Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) advised all pension and derivative pension (widows and dependents) recipients that wish to open accounts with BIBD that Account Opening Forms can be downloaded at

Applicants should fill in the forms prior to the session. However, signing of the form must take place in the presence of bank staff.

Applications must bring the original identity card or passport. Recipients of Dependent Pensions who are currently employed will need to bring their latest salary slip. No initial deposit is required upon account opening.

However, BND50 needs to be maintained in the account and cannot be withdrawn. This amount will be held once funds are deposited into your account. Pension and derivative pension (widows and dependents) recipients that already have accounts with BIBD do not need to come to our branches to request documents to confirm their accounts.

BIBD requests cooperation from pension recipients not to come in groups and to leave the premises as soon as their applications are completed.