Athletes who’ve qualified for 2020 Olympics are in for 2021

TOKYO (AP) — Good news for all those who have already qualified for the Tokyo Olympics: You’re in for 2021.

Olympic officials have confirmed that the 6,200 or so athletes who had already punched their ticket for Tokyo will keep their spots for the rescheduled games next year.

The decision, agreed to by all the international sports organisations, resolves one of the key questions for marathoners, open-water swimmers and hundreds of other athletes whose qualifying process came early in the 2020 sports calendar, before the coronavirus started shutting down sports across the globe.

Still to be determined is how the 33 sports that make up the Olympics will allocate the rest of the spots at the rescheduled games. Typically, the individual sports determine their qualifying procedures for Olympic events.

World Athletics President Seb Coe confirmed that all sports have agreed that all athletes currently qualified for the Olympics will remain qualified for next year.

A barge carrying the Olympic rings floats in the water in the Odaiba section of Tokyo. PHOTO: AP