Anti-smoking talks at Jigsaw Primary School

James Kon

Jigsaw Primary School held a series of health talks on ‘The Danger of Smoking’ for its staff as well as its students and their parents earlier this month.

The talks were conducted by Jigsaw Primary School Chief Operating Officer and Medical Advisor Dr Jimmy Chin to commemorate the upcoming World No Tobacco Day.

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, attendees were also briefed on the importance of maintaining a healthy respiratory system, which including avoiding the habit of smoking.

Tag-lined ‘Smoke-Free Brunei, Smoke-Free Jigsaw’, the ongoing campaign is aimed at educating students on the danger of smoking as well as the legal and financial penalties incurred by smokers, as decreed by the country’s anti-smoking law.

In anticipation of the second school term, Jigsaw will continue to take a strong stance against smoking in its premises, and individuals who fail to abide by the rule will be handed over to relevant authorities.

File photo of an anti-smoking sign. PHOTO: RAHWANI ZAHARI