A ‘rough & tough’ off-road experience

Wani Roslan

Launched in January 2019, the Terra is still one of the strongest of Nissan’s heritage with durability, strength, reliability and safety, in addition to its sophisticated features.

The capabilities and performance of the Nissan Terra were highlighted during the ‘Rough & Tough’ off-road experience event at the off-road driving trails in Kampong Maraburong, Jalan Tutong.

Members of the local media were recently invited to take part in the half-day off-road experience, which began with opening remarks by Executive Manager of Boustead Sdn Bhd Lim Jin Lee who expressed his excitement towards the development of Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology through Terra – giving a whole new experience.

Media participants were given a safety briefing and an explanation on the routes which covered six intense obstacles aimed to prove the vehicle’s maximum abilities, including the 30-degree slope trench, slope climbing (Hill Ascend), S-Curve with Log Crawling, Hill Descent, Water Wading capability and S-Curve with Articulating test.

Taking over the wheel as the first participant, I was excited to experience the obstacles. Accompanied by one of the representatives from Nissan Brunei, I was given a briefing and taught the proper way to hold the steering wheel, especially in off-road conditions.

The Nissan Terra during the off-road event. PHOTOS: BAHYIAH BAKIR
A driver tests the Nissan Terra’s water wading capability

The first obstacle was the 30-degree slope trench which shows the off-road function and how well the vehicle performs in handling muddy road conditions. I was amazed to see the stability it got in tackling the slope and turning sharp corners.

The next station was the log crawling obstacle where, just by pressing a little on the gas pedal, the vehicle rolled by itself and we did not have to push harder on the accelerator, which made driving easier.

Next was the hill ascend session, where I had the chance to test the Terra’s Hill Start Assist, a feature that makes driving easier, especially when we have to stop on an incline. By holding the brake for a few seconds, the system will detect and automatically hold the vehicle in place and prevent it from rolling back.

After going through several challenges, I experienced another feature, the Hill Descent Control, which allows for a controlled hill descent in rough terrain without any brake input from the driver.

With a steady speed driving down an incline, I did not have to worry, and although it felt weird not pressing a brake, I was confident and amazed with the technology equipped in the Terra.

One of the best experiences was getting to see the car’s water wading capability, which was a new experience for me. The Nissan Terra can survive through an impressive 800mm water depth, and during this obstacle, I would say the mid-size SUV is a flood-ready machine, and proved that it is capable of driving through water.

Equipped with a four-wheel-drive 2.5-litre turbo engine, the Nissan Terra is an aggressive machine, and for all the obstacles that I experienced both as a driver and passenger, I am impressed with its comfort even during aggressive driving.

The vehicle adds value with all its extraordinary features, in addition to its muscular and sporty image as a stylish looking ride.

The seven-seater vehicle is also equipped with a premium quality interior and a centre of the technology universe – from its steering wheel controls to adjust cruise control and audio system to Bluetooth hands-free calling as well as a USB and auxiliary input – making every journey more enjoyable.