85pc of leading industrial enterprises resume work in Hubei

WUHAN (Xinhua) – About 85 per cent of all industrial enterprises with an annual turnover of CNY20 million (USD2.8 million) in virus-hit Hubei Province had resumed production as of Monday, according to the Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology yesterday.

As of March 23, 13,155 such enterprises in Hubei had resumed work, with 1.71 million employees having returned to their posts, accounting for 60.3 per cent of the total. The department has been providing assistance to enterprises on issues such as manpower shortage, logistics and capital flow to help them resume work in an orderly manner, it said.

So far, of the 103 enterprises with an annual revenue or output value of over CNY1 billion in Hubei’s raw materials industry, 87 have started work, with a resumption rate of 84.47 per cent. All 28 enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry with an annual revenue or output value of more than CNY1 billion have resumed work.