All set for litter-free capital on National Day

Rokiah Mahmud

The Bandar Seri Begawan (BSB) Municipal Department has prepared 248 cleaners, 30 waste transportation workers and 100 litter bins and two compactor vehicles for waste transportation during the 36th National Day celebration to ensure the capital remains free of litter and debris.

The litter bins will be placed at several locations in BSB. The BSB Municipal Department is collaborating with Green Brunei to maintain a litter-free capital during the National Day celebration this Sunday, where 100 volunteers will be involved in the clean-up efforts.

Simultaneously, Green Brunei will launch a campaign dubbed Bandarku Bersih (My Clean City) and Bandarku Bebas Botol Plastik (My City is Free from Plastic Bottles).

The BSB Municipal Department urged the public to keep the streets of the capital clean during the celebration.