The EU’s new centre point after Brexit: A field in Bavaria

GADHEIM, Germany (AP) — Now that the European Union (EU) includes one less country, its geographical centre has shifted to the southeast — landing in a nondescript field in Bavaria.

Gadheim, a village of 80 people near the German city of Wuerzburg, was ready for the bittersweet honour well before Britain left the EU at midnight on Friday. A red-and-white pole set on a boulder marks the new spot, and the flags of the EU, Germany and the local Veitshoechheim municipality fly on flagpoles next to it.

“On the one hand, of course I am proud and happy that we are becoming the new geographical centre of Europe,” Veitshoechheim Mayor Juergen Goetz said. “On the other hand, of course it’s a sad occasion, because with Britain a country is leaving the EU for the first time.”

The honour of being the centre of Europe stems from calculations by France’s national cartographic institute, IGN, which places the point at nine degrees, 54 minutes, seven seconds east and 49 degrees, 50 minutes, 35 seconds north.

A pole marks the new geographical centre of the European Union after the Brexit in Veitshoechheim-Gadheim, southern Germany. PHOTO: AP