Estranged husband accused of killing Jennifer Dulos dies

HARTFORD (AP) — A man charged with murdering his wife who went missing amid a contentious divorce case died on Thursday, his lawyer said.

Fotis Dulos, 52, had been hospitalised since Tuesday when he was found at his home in Farmington, Connecticut, following an apparent suicide attempt.

“It’s been a truly horrific day for the family filled with difficult decisions, medical tests and meeting the requirements to determine death,” attorney Norm Pattis said.

“To those who contend that Dulos’ death reflects a consciousness of guilt, we say no,” he added. “We say it was more a conscience overborne with the weight of a world that was too busy to listen and wanted a story more than it wanted the truth.”

Dulos, a luxury home builder originally from Greece, was accused of killing Jennifer Dulos, who has not been seen since she dropped their five children off at school in May in New Canaan. Her body has not been found despite extensive searches. Fotis Dulos had denied any role in her disappearance.

The children, who ranged in age from eight to 13 when their mother vanished, are in the custody of their maternal grandmother in New York City. “This is a horrific tragedy all around,” said Carrie Luft, a spokeswoman for the family of Jennifer Dulos.

Dulos insisted he was innocent in a note found near him, according to a court motion filed by his lawyers on Thursday.