Ensure private sector adheres to labour laws

I would like to raise my concern about employment in the country’s private sector.

Unemployment is a major issue in Brunei Darussalam and there is no control over employment in the private sector.

Employees at some companies, especially retailers, are forced to work 12 hours a day with only a day off per week. They are not compensated for overtime or given incentives.

All this with a minimum salary, on average, of BND350-450.

I would like to request the authorities to monitor and have a routine check up on a monthly basis.

No stern action is taken from authorities and only the upper management is questioned.

The process should also include anonymous surveys from the employees as they are the ones suffering. I believe there are laws implemented but business owners do not adhere to them.

Fresh graduates are eager to work but their perception on the working conditions in the private sector are stopping them from taking the next step.

The government sector remains as the preferred place to work at, but if the private sector is managed and monitored by the authorities thoroughly, I believe we will see more locals willing to work there as opposed to the companies outsourcing labour from outside the country.

This may not solve the unemployment issue in the country but it can help.