Bear that wandered yards near Los Angeles moved to forest

MONROVIA, CALIFORNIA (AP) – A big, old bear wandered a Los Angeles foothill suburb, drawing curious onlookers and news media before wildlife authorities removed it.

The bear sluggishly ambled along streets and into backyards in Monrovia, which sits on the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains.

The Monrovia Police Department said officers kept watch and called the State Department of Fish and Wildlife workers to the neighbourhood.

The bear was eventually tranquilised and taken to the nearest suitable forest habitat, said Fish and Wildlife spokesman Tim Daly.

“One of our guys out on the scene described the bear as huge — about 400 pounds — female and older,” Daly said. “In the bear world, she would be described as elderly.”

The bear was otherwise fine, he said.

“It’s a little alarming how close and comfortable people were getting up next to this bear, but there were no incidents, so we’re happy about that,” he added.

It was believed to be the same bear seen a day earlier in Monrovia, where it’s not uncommon for animals to wander out of the sprawling Angeles National Forest above the city.