13 coaches attend educators’ course

Fadhil Yunus

Thirteen coaching participants in the NFABD Coach Educators Course received their certificates of completion at the Multi-Purpose Hall of NFABD House yesterday.

The outcomes of the course are to develop potential coach educators and instructors in the District Football Association to produce more qualified coaches who are able to add value to coaching development at football clubs in Brunei.

In addition, the course served to develop potential mentors who have the right attributes to support coaches at clubs, and assist with growing the game by having more qualified coaches while fulfilling the requirements of the FIFA AFC Coaching Convention Mandate.

The five-day course, conducted by Paul Thomas Smalley, covered various topics including NFABD coaching and education scheme and outcomes as well as learning outcomes.

The participants who attended the educators’ course hold either an A or B certificate license.

“I am very pleased to have this opportunity to help move Brunei football further forward through the good office of NFABD,” said NFABD Competition Youth League Manager Haji Omar bin Haji Jamil.

“To produce effective coaches (especially at grassroots level) is a priority. The kids must be taught the correct skills … only then will their progress forward be more effective.”

He added, “The worst thing that can happen in football is when, for argument’s sake, a very talented kid is not taught properly at the foundation stages, it can possibly destroy his future.

“By ensuring that coaches teach according to FIFA and AFC’s best practices, NFABD has taken a big step forward.

“Hopefully, all the coaches who attended this course will share what they have learnt and serve Brunei football moving forward.

President of NFABD Pengiran Haji Matusin bin Pengiran Haji Matasan was the guest-of-honour at the event.

President of NFABD Pengiran Haji Matusin bin Pengiran Haji Matasan with the coaching participants. PHOTO: NFABD