Water disruption in Tutong

The Public Works Department (JKR), Ministry of Development informed residents in the Tutong District that the department found leakage in one of two submarine pipes measuring 355mm MDPE under the Kampong Penapar bridge in Tutong.

The leaking pipes have been isolated and water supply still continues through one of the submarine pipes.

The repair of the submarine pipes will be carried out as soon as JKR has completed its inspection as the pipe is below the water level, making repairs difficult to perform.

Some areas may experience water supply disruption and low water pressure, especially tose on high ground. Areas affected include Pekan Tutong, Mukim Telisai including RPN Bukit Beruang, part of Mukim Keriam and Mukim Tanjong Maya, Mukim Ukong and the surrounding areas.

The department assured the public that every step has been taken to address the problem and is working to bring back water supply as soon as possible.

JKR requests the cooperation of all parties to save water usage as well as contact Darussalam line at 123 for supply of water through tankers or complaints.