Waive charge for physical pass books

Recently, I brought my grandfather to a bank to update his passbook. He only realised then that he was missing BND2.

We found out that the BND2 was deducted automatically every quarter of the year annually (BND8 per year) unless the account holder changes to an online passbook. I find this baffling as my 70-year-old grandfather has barely used a smartphone and do not expect him to use the online passbook.

Perhaps for most people, BND8 per year is small change but for a senior citizen who was promised a BND10 profit from his minimum savings, the deduction is a lot.

I hope the bank can look into this matter.

I am sure my grandfather is not the only senior citizen experiencing the same situation.

I believe the bank should review this policy and waive the deduction especially for senior citizens, People with Different Abilities (OKU), etc.

Hopeful Grandchild – LF