From video games to Sepang Int’l Circuit

Azlan Othman

Graduating from playing car racing games during his childhood, Brunei-born Hafiz Razali is now a car racer who competed in Maximum Attack 19 International Circuit Race in Sepang, Malaysia recently.

Driving Proton Satria 4G61T Turbocharged with Rseven Motorsport team, he finished fourth and was in top five in the Category of ‘Super 1600 Open’ despite his car experiencing fuel surge and challenging weather.

Hafiz received sponsorship from JMS Tuner, Sepang Attack By KLX Malaysia, BRG Boneout Racing Group Osaka Japan, Rojak Racing Team Brunei and A42Performance Brunei.

Hafiz said, “Alhamdulillah, I was given the opportunity to take part in this challenge that I’ve been looking forward to for so long. My interests grew rapidly from the moment I played the car racing games or trying to be a car mechanic during my childhood days”.

He developed an interest in racing at a very young age. He carried out racing on the streets where his talent and skills improved dramatically. As time goes by, his passion took him to a professional track with proper safety guidelines and rules in accordance with the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile).

Hafiz Razali prior to his debut race in Maximum Attack 19 International Circuit Race. PHOTOS: HAFIZ RAZALI
Hafiz Razali with his medal

“This is a good start to let the public know that Brunei is capable of producing a racing driver and this can inspire the youth.

“I dreamt of becoming an international racer and I love cars and always fix them with friends and cousins as a hobby.

“Once, I was talking to a friend at a mamak stall about pursuing my dream to be a racer. I know it is hard because we don’t have a platform here in Brunei Darussalam. But nothing is impossible. We keep on believing and try to start somewhere else. I am lucky to have friends with different backgrounds and interest. A friend of mine introduced me to a guy – who is now my race partner – and it went off from there”, Hafiz said.

Recalling his first race in Sepang, Hafiz said it was just a local small event. “But it means a lot to me. I’ve experienced a lot and tasted how it felt to be behind the wheel on a track.

“I am honoured to join the motorsport event. I was nervous but determined. I am happy that my family and friends could come all the way from Brunei to support me.

“Although I only managed to grab the top five position in the Sepang race, it was really an overwhelming experience. I hope there’s more to come in the future. With the right support and encouragement, we can put Brunei’s name out there.”

Hafiz hopes for more races and to be able to perform better. He aims to push himself and change the perspective of the Bruneian public – especially youth to always believe in themselves and never give up when facing challenges.