Special lamps to keep off wild elephants in Malaysia’s Gua Musang

GUA MUSANG (BERNAMA) – The Orang Asli Development Department (JAKOA) delivered 25 special lamps to be installed around Kampong Aring 5 yesterday to keep off wild elephants in Gua Musang, Malaysia.

Kelantan/Terengganu JAKOA Director Hashim Alang Abdul Hamid said the special lamps were then immediately installed by the villagers yesterday.

He noted that it was an urgent step by his department to overcome the wild elephant problem which had caused a lot of concern and worry to the Batek tribe in their daily lives as well as preventing the animals from damaging the water catchment area.

He said three water catchment tanks and several pipes had been previously damaged by wild elephants.

“Recently, we replaced broken water pipes for about three kilometres and this time we provided 25 lamps to keep off the elephants,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kampong Aring 5 Orang Asli Village Head Raina Anjang said residents also expressed hope that incidences of encroachment and crop damage would now be a thing of the past as their livelihoods were at stake.

“Previously, the villagers had tried to place bells at their farm to prevent the elephants from entering but it didn’t work,” he said.