Retailers launch mouse-inspired goods to celebrate ‘Year of White Mouse’

SEOUL (THE KOREA HERALD/ANN) – With 2020 marking the ‘Year of the White Mouse’, retailers rolled out mouse-inspired products, luring consumers with limited edition goods and special marketing in celebration of the New Year.

Based on the Chinese zodiac, the white mouse is the first of the 12 animals and considered the leader of the mice, symbolising wealth, fortune and prosperity. Due to ambiguity in the Chinese characters, 2020 may also be referred to as the Year of the Metal Rat.

According to Starbucks Korea, it rolled out three new drinks, six food items and 25 other items related to the white mouse yesterday.

The coffee chain has also launched Happy Cheese White Mocha, a white chocolate drink with cheese whipped cream on top, using ingredients like cheese that mice reputedly like, along with new menu items such as cheesecake and sandwiches.

Emart24, a convenience store chain, said it will release Giant Mice Marshmallow from German brand Aseli, a marshmallow product in the shape of mice, last Saturday.

Shinsegae Food also newly introduced mouse-design cakes and macarons via its premium bakery brand, the Menagerie.

Other retailers kicked off special promotions and events in celebration of the Year of White Mouse.

Lotte Department Store is holding a special event to promote mouse-inspired baby goods, as January is often the peak season in sales for baby products.

Shoppers look for white mouse-themed clothes at Lotte Department Store. PHOTO: YONHAP