Public cloud services level playing field for micro firms in digital economy

BEIJING (XINHUA) – The development of public cloud computing services enables micro and small enterprises to stand at the same scratch line with big players in the digital economy, according to the head of tech giant Alibaba’s research arm AliResearch.

Public cloud computing platforms spare micro and small firms heavy investment, allowing them to leverage advanced technologies and digital tools for commercial innovation, AliResearch Director Gao Hongbing said last Saturday at the New Economy Think Tank Summit.

Alibaba Cloud has served some 80 per cent of China’s tech firms and over half of listed companies on China’s A-share market, according to him.

The public cloud is computing services offered by third-party providers over the public Internet, which is open to anyone who wants to use or purchase them.

The industry has seen robust growth in China as more private and public organisations embark on digital transformation.

Data from global market intelligence firm International Data Corporation showed that China’s public cloud market topped USD5.4 billion in the first half of 2019.

Gao said it is important to create a nurturing digitalised business environment for small firms, and big platform companies should play their roles to this end.

AliResearch Director Gao Hongbing at the Global Import Leadership Summit. PHOTO: XINHUA