Progresif unveils what’s new and what’s next in latest issue of magazine

With the release of the 11th issue of its self-titled quarterly magazine, Progresif gave a strong statement of intent regarding what’s to come this year.

According to a press release, the new issue themed ‘A platform that contributes meaningfully to society’ goes about celebrating what the brand has achieved both over the long term and more recently, as well as plotting out the near future in terms of their plans and products.

Interestingly, the magazine carries two meanings functioning both as the mission statement of their new Progresif Minds learning platform as well as an underlying vision of everything the Progresif brand has strived to achieve in their five years of operation.

The latest issue of Progresif magazine (Photo: Progresif)

Traditionally, Progresif’s magazine has functioned as means of showcasing the company’s recent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) engagements alongside an eclectic mix of editorial features about people, places and concepts of interest in Brunei and beyond, and this issue is no different. Beginning with where they have been, the magazine features a statistical dashboard of their 255 CSR engagements and then proceeds to plot them in a five-year timeline of Progresif’s company milestones. Regarding ‘the new and the next’, the magazine announces a number of exciting products and upgrades in the pipeline. On the network side there is 4G+ LTE for all customers, number portability for incoming mobile customers, the launch of a fibre broadband service for home connectivity and a nationwide Wi-Fi network. Whereas the main new product to be excited about is the Progresif Media content streaming app, which looks like it will be Brunei’s very own Netflix-style application featuring local, regional and Hollywood content. This is a worthy addition to their growing eco-system of digital apps to take Brunei further towards being a Smart Digital Nation.

Readers can also enjoy a number of thought-provoking features such as ‘Words from a Wiser Woman’, a series of heartfelt and vulnerable letters written by prominent and distinguished women from around Brunei addressed to themselves as young girls, and a look at the possibilities of freelance work as a viable future for Bruneian youth with testimonials from local youths who have made it work for them.

On the more social responsibility-meets-sustainability side of things, the magazine tackles plastic pollution, presenting some shocking statistics about Brunei’s plastic waste problem and offers solutions. There is also a feature on Brunei’s growing farming industry. For most of the features in the Progresif Magazine, the stories expand on the featured individuals and organisations beyond text and pictures through online channels. Some of the articles include QR codes that direct readers to in-depth video stories and interviews on the website.