Pengarah Imung family celebrates lineage

Daniel Lim

With the dawn of a new decade, the family descendants spanning more than four generations of Pengarah Imung @ Rimung/Enbung gathered at the surrounding area of the Bukit Sawat Recreational Park as part of a get-together event held yesterday morning.

With more than 600 family members, the event was attended by Belait District Officer Ramlee bin Haji Jamudin as the guest of honour, accompanied by his spouse, Dayang Nur Farhana binti Abdullah Ajak.

Also present were Legislative Council member and Acting Penghulu of Mukim Labi Yang Berhormat Hanapi bin Mohd Siput, as well as penghulus and village heads from the surrounding area, who were all welcomed by the Chairman of the gathering, Prof Dr Haji Ismail bin Opak.

In an opening speech, Prof Dr Haji Ismail explained the history behind the lineage of the family starting from Pengarah Imung, who was born in the 1800’s and resided in the surrounding area of Kagu Lama.

“He subsequently received the title Pengarah and had a son named Awang Gabok who then received the title Orang Kaya Pemancha during his time as well,” he continued.

He also explained that Orang Kaya Pemancha Gabok went on to have five sons, which helped to further expand the family tree, leading to the large gathering.

Guest of honour Belait District Officer Ramlee bin Haji Jamudin and invited guests enjoying the performances yesterday morning. PHOTOS: DANIEL LIM
One of the many performances yesterday morning

Among the family branches who were present were the Jair @ Yawow family, Jalil @ Yalil family, Mala family, Hashim @ Yasim family, Orang Kaya Pemancha Berandai family and Kenyah @ Dayun family.

“From across the nation and beyond, every one of us here today is proud to be a descendant of Pengarah Imung and such an opportunity does not present itself often. So take this time to not only establish a closer relationship with distant cousins, but to also appreciate the history and lineage of our long and extended family tree,” he noted.

He added that such a gathering was a chance for the younger generation to learn more about their extended family and the common thread that brings them together.

“This gathering marks another chapter in the family’s long history, and we hope that everyone here will remember this day and look forward to the next gathering,” he concluded.

With the theme of ‘Serumpun Kasih, Selautan Budi’, the gathering continued with a myriad of performances by the family members, which ranged from traditional dances to songs and poems praising the family’s history.

In addition, the surrounding area of the venue was filled with activities as families set up booths for food, drinks, as well as fun games and performances; all of which enlivened the celebratory atmosphere.

Furthermore, the booths were also judged based on the decorations.

Prizes were presented to the best decorations by the guest of honour.

During the celebration, the guest of honour was not only able to enjoy the performances and delicacies by the family, but he was also able to tour each booth and learn more about the Pengarah Imung family. The gathering continued well into the afternoon as the family participated in a variety of sporting activities as part of the family sporting event.