Parents in Malaysia on hunt for influenza vaccine as stocks run low

KUALA LUMPUR (CNA) – Parents in Malaysia are hurriedly seeking influenza vaccines for their children amid fears of an outbreak in the community, but their efforts have been hampered by depleted stocks in the clinics and hospitals.

Baby and Beyond Clinic Publika told CNA that its waiting list has 90 children on it.

“Our flu vaccine is completely out of stock now. We have of course ordered for the next batch of vaccines but at the moment we are unsure of the delivery time frame,” said a staff member. The Malaysian Health Ministry has engaged a supplier to bring in 99,470 doses of the influenza vaccine this month. Despite these efforts, some clinics were uncertain about when they would be able to restock.

“Orders (for the vaccines) have been placed but I don’t think we can tell when we will get the vaccines into the clinic,” said Tiny Tots Children Specialist Clinic receptionist who did not want to be named.