Mukim Saba team urged to enhance quality of rowing

Fadhil Yunus

The Chairman of the Mukim Saba Boat Race Haji Ismail bin Haji Hamdan has called Mukim Saba rowers to constantly enhance the quality of rowing and possess the spirit to not easily concede defeat while also perform continuous training.

The chairman said this during a Doa Kesyukuran and appreciation event for the Mukim Saba Boat Race Team (PLPMS). The event also witnessed boat race prize winnings amounting more than BND1,600 being distributed to 45 rowers of the Mukim Saba Boat Race Team.

In addition, separate individual awards were also feted to recipients in recognition for their excellence and discipline as well as to celebrate the achievements of a Master rower.

The prize winnings were presented by President of Kampong Saba Association (PERKASA) Haji Ismail bin Haji Hamdan.

Haji Ismail hoped that the management of PLPMS can find individuals mainly youthsin Mukim Saba who can be absorbed into the team in preparation for the future and advised them that any concern must be discussed and resolved together and not individually.

Group photo during the event. PHOTO: MUKIM SABA BOAT RACE ASSOCIATION

The chairman also advised the management to constantly involve youth in recreational activities and sports.

He said, “With the availability of rowing activities, it will avoid youth and residents of Mukim Saba from wasting time from unhealthy and not beneficial activities. Consequently, this will provide a call to residents and former residents of Mukim Saba to be united, collaborate and also to make efforts to strengthen closer ties in any activities in the future.”

He felt amazed and satisfied with the team’s achievements in 2019 especially during the Regatta Boat Race in Kuching, Sarawak whereby PLPMS were the sole representative from Brunei Darussalam to reach the final alongside three teams from neighbouring countries.

The chairman called for PLPMS to feature in the competition again next year and therefore to prepare and step up their training.

Throughout 2019, PLPMS accomplished first place eight times, four times in second place and three times in third place as a result of participation in six boat race championships both domestic and overseas namely the MPK Pintu Malim Boat Race, National Boat Race, Regatta Brunei, Belait District Boat Race, Sarawak Regatta and MPK Sungai Bunga Boat Race.

About 100 people attended the event including Village Head of Kampong Saba Darat ‘B’ Haji Mayalin bin Haji Saat, former PERKASA president Haji Jalil bin Haji Bakar and Advisor of PLPMS Haji Hashim bin Sadong as well as family members of PLPMS.