Movie sets can be lonely: Lupita Nyong’o

BANG! NEWS – Lupita Nyong’o said movie sets can be a lonely place when she is separated from her loved ones.

She told British Vogue, “Filming is so time-consuming. And intense. With Black Panther, a lot of us were single. On Little Monsters, nobody was single. Everyone, when they’re done with their day’s work, wants to go home to their families, which makes a whole lot of sense. When you don’t have that it’s very isolating.”

Lupita also revealed that she is deeply passionate about her work and tries to choose roles that will make a difference in the world.

She explained, “It’s passion. I definitely want to claim ambition, but I get very compulsive about the things I am passionate about, to the point of not sleeping. It’s very impractical. I fight the barriers that I form for myself, because they’re often ridiculous.

“I don’t get fulfilment from the number of zeros attached to a project. What I’m seduced by is the potential to shift a narrative.

“That is very seductive to me, having social and cultural impact.” Lupita also explained that she is happy to speak out about her political beliefs but it has to be for a cause she believes in.

She said, “I speak up for the things I can personally vouch for. There’s a lot going on in this world, a lot of causes that are noble. But I feel most useful when I have a personal connection.”