Month-long preparation for new academic year

Lyna Mohamad

January is a hectic time for teachers, who are busily welcoming new students and getting acquainted with the curriculum for the new academic year.

Primary schoolteacher Hajah Izzah said that she had already begun the preparations during the month-long school break.

“I’ve been redecorating the classroom, setting new class rules and laying out name lists, as well as planning new work schemes for the subjects and new timetables,” she said.

“I also use colours in my teaching methods, as they play a role in emotion, productivity, communication and learning. They are used for a variety of purposes but the main intent here is active learning.”

Ziana, meanwhile, is expecting major challenges this year, following her recent appointment in the public relations field at a vocational school.

“Work-wise, I’ve added a more Zen feel to my cubicle with grassy, felt mats. Being a teacher is all about inspiration and creativity, and I practically spent a whole morning clearing out the desk in readiness for the new academic year,” she said.

On a spiritual level, “I strive to provide Al-Quran reading sessions for students and insert religious values in the teaching material, since this semester is all about teaching them life skills and character-building.

“It is going to be a year of challenges with my husband away on training, and trying to find a balance as a working mother. I hope that 2020 will be a more productive and progressive year for both myself and the students.”

ABOVE & BELOW: Exercise books with colourful stickers, planner and colour pencils prepared for academic year 2020. PHOTO: LYNA MOHAMAD