Making a global impact at Australia’s top university

The University of Melbourne is ranked number one in Australia according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and attracts talented students from around the world.

Malaysian Bachelor of Science student, Yi Wen is no exception, and was drawn to the University for its internationally recognised research, teaching and unique degree structure known as the Melbourne Model.

This structure provides students with a flexible study programme allowing them to focus on their major, while completing breadth study in diverse subjects from other disciplines.

“The University of Melbourne is a world leader in education. As a student, I really enjoy the flexibility of the Melbourne Model where I can choose to integrate my major’s core subjects with subjects from other disciplinary areas. This has given me the opportunity to explore possibilities beyond my science degree,” said Yi Wen.

A key feature of the Melbourne Model is the breadth study programme, allowing students to build important 21st Century skills including research, teamwork and problem solving.

Chan Yi Wen

For aspiring doctor Yi Wen, these skills are invaluable in preparing her to lead a career both inside and outside the lab. “Alongside healthcare skills, my Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Melbourne has equipped me with personal skills like problem solving, communication and teamwork. These abilities will prepare me well for my future career,” Yi Wen said.

Breadth subjects provided Yi Wen with the opportunity to incorporate her broader interests of psychology, food science, music and the Korean language, into her studies.

Practical and interactive learning opportunities are also utilised throughout undergraduate studies to build students’ soft skills and in-depth knowledge. Undertaking a Human Structure and Function major, Yi Wen experiences the benefits to learning firsthand.

She explained, “The interactive teaching style is very effective, it allows students and teachers to communicate ideas and share opinions. This is where great minds come together and make a huge difference.”

Academic success at the University of Melbourne is backed by a vibrant campus and strong student support for international students as they begin their life in a new city. Yi Wen is always able to rely on this support when needed, “Student Services, called Stop 1 on campus, is the home of student enquiries. They have provided me with timely assistance over the phone, by email or live chat, which means I can access help whenever and wherever I need it.”

On campus student clubs and societies are an integral part of many students’ university experience. With more than 200 clubs and societies to choose from there are options to suit all interests and give students a fun way to meet new, like-minded people. For Yi Wen, “Joining a wide range of clubs and societies offered by the Student Union is a great way to get involved in university life. I chose to participate in clubs including the Malaysians of Melbourne University and Tzu Chi Collegiate Association, where we organise monthly volunteer activities.”

Beyond campus, the University of Melbourne is located near the centre of one of the world’s most liveable cities, enabling students to enjoy the best of what Melbourne has to offer.

“Melbourne is a dynamic city with fascinating events throughout the year, continuously stimulating all who experience it. As one of the world’s most liveable cities, people enjoy an easy lifestyle with plenty of employment opportunities, state-of-the-art public facilities and an amazing range of exhilarating cultural activities,” Yi Wen said.

Learn more about studying at the University of Melbourne at their Brunei Information Session on January 21.

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