Lifestyle design, support key to success

Normally when people think about extending a helping hand, what comes to their mind are the underprivileged such as an orphanage, people in poverty, elderly, building a school, etc.

Little do people think about the group of responsible people who are struggling mentally, physically and emotionally to provide the best for their family at the expenses of their health and life, often falling into depression, chronic diseases, or even to commit suicide.

Richman and Ms Elegance Foundation is formed to be the light and hope for this ‘stuck’ individuals.

The foundation believes that this group of people need a space to be themselves, they have a lot of inner desire and dreams they rush to fulfil but because of their loved ones, they have no choice but to bite the bullet and forgo their own need and desire.

Richman and Ms Elegance Foundation aimed to help them design their lifestyle. Lifestyle design is about freedom, reclaiming your time, doing things you love to do with your talents to create wealth, yet not forgetting to make contributions to the society in your own way.

Richman and Ms Elegance Foundation aims to help people design their lifestyle

The foundation advocates the importance of teaching people through ‘WBG Learn, Do, Teach’ pay it forward system.

World Business Group Founder, Mrs Singapore 2019, Vivian Passion Koh advocates for a system where like-minded people come together to support each other using talents and building dreams into a reality through Global Success system (GSS).

It aimed to create meaningful projects and community campaigns to add contributions to society and add values to people’s lives.

The foundation members – Richman Luxury who specialise on watch winder combines his network with Ms Elegance (Vivian PasAsion Koh), founder of World Business Group who specialises on education whose life mission is to instil purpose, love and gratitude with lifestyle design, pay it forward movements, and wealth creation to pursue passion in life as well as Jin Goh whose life mission is to build and restore happiness to children by gifting animals and rescues as pets are on a mission to make a difference to people’s and animal lives.

The public is welcome to join the team with the mission to create a highly connected human ecosystem (humanity) that works in sync with nature by embracing the SyncFlow practice that promotes natural living, turn chaos and stuck to synchronicity and flow.

The foundation is on a global mission to connect, inspire, and empower like-minded people searching for this ideal organisation of creating wealth, health and growth with purpose, love and gratitude to come together as one big family, to start designing and build our lifestyle together and left a legacy.