Li Gong Restaurant rolls out CNY dinner sets

James Kon

One of the most important gatherings for the Chinese community around the world is the Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner, a time for family members to come together for a feast.

Li Gong Restaurant at The Empire Brunei, managed by Yi Yuan Ting, is rolling out its quality and deliciously prepared Chinese New Year’s Eve set dinner and ala carte menu set for January 24.

All the delicately prepared dishes come from Malaysian celebrity and Culinary Director of Li Gong Restaurant, chef Sun who is dedicated to giving the best to his customers.

Chef Sun has obtained numerous accolades in the field of culinary competitions globally. In 2018, he won three awards at the 2018 Philippines World Famous Chefs Competition in Manila.

Some of the must-haves for the upcoming Chinese New Year dinner are Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng with Mustard Honey Sauce or the Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng with Truffle Sesame Sauce, Roasted Free Range Chicken with Red Bean paste, Steam Giant Grouper with Fine Soy Sauce, Poached Lettuce served with Butter Garlic Superior Stock, wok baked tiger prawn jumbo with Szechuan Sauce and many others. There are four different dinner sets to choose from and with the options to cater to six or 10 persons.

Chef Sun in an interview said, “We use only fresh ingredients for all the dishes. I would personally go to the markets to look for fresh ingredients. The ingredients that we are using are also certified Halal.” He added, “The Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner in Li Gong Restaurant has received very favourable response from the public.”

Members of the public who are booking their Chinese New Year‘s Eve dinner can get the Chinese New Year early bird promotion until January 15. For the six individuals set dinner, diners will get a free standard portion of Yee Sang while for the 10 persons set menu, diners will receive cash vouchers.

Chef Sun with the CNY dishes. PHOTO: RAHWANI ZAHARI