Kampong Masin win mosque youth futsal tournament

Fadhil Yunus

Kampong Masin Mosque emerged winners of the Mosque Youth Futsal Championship at the UBD Sports Complex recently.

Lambak Kiri ‘A’ Mosque settled for a runners-up spot while Police HQ Surau came in third place.

Players are only eligible to join the tournament with the condition that they are registered as a member of a mosque youth group.

The tournament was contested in a round robin format. If the semi-final and the final matches result in a draw, a penalty shoot-out of three kicks for each team follows.

Each player is only permitted to take one kick. If both teams could not be separated, each team will be provided an opportunity with one kick until they could find a winner.

The manager of the team must ensure that each player wears a numbered jersey and shin guards.

The decision of the referee and the organising committee or organiser is final. Each match must not be cancelled and any team who does not show up during the allocated time will be given a loss. Any team who refuses to continue a match will also result in a defeat.

Each team must only list players aged between 12-16 years. Each player must also take part in a programme which has been arranged in the mosque such as mass Maghrib and Isyak prayers as well as listening to a motivational lecture.

The winners in a group photo. PHOTO: FADHIL YUNUS