Indonesian jailed for failing to settle fine

James Kon

An Indonesian, Muhlis Setiawan, 22, was sentenced to a month imprisonment by the BSB Magistrate’s Court after he failed to pay a fine of BND1,500 on January 8, upon conviction of one charge under Section 403, Chapter 22 of the Criminal Penal Code, misappropriation of property.

According to the Royal Brunei Police Force, a report was received on December 30, 2019 of a missing handbag in a food premises at Kampong Serusop.

The victim has left the handbag in the food premises and from the CCTV recording, it was found a worker of the premise has taken the handbag and brought the handbag to the storage area. He then took the contents of the handbag and threw the handbag in the rubbish dump behind the premises.

Details of the case were highlighted by Criminal Investigation and Traffic Officer at the Berakas Police Station P/Insp Muhammad Zulfadli Bin Haji Mohd Suhaili.

The Royal Brunei Police Force reminded the public to always exercise caution and do not give any opportunity for criminals to take advantage and carry out crimes.