Indonesia to build world-class sports facility to bid for 2032 Olympics

JAKARTA (XINHUA) – The Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) will construct a world-class training facility to add to the existing ones to pave the way for the country’s position in a bid process for hosting the Olympic Games in 2032.

The head of the KOI, Raja Sapta Oktohari, said that when its construction is completed, the world-class training facility along with the country’s existing sports facilities will be exposed to the bid process.

The construction also aims to comply with one of the clauses in the bid process, which requires the sustainability of building sports facilities, he said.

“In the near future, the construction of this facility will be commenced. We have to move from now. I must also ensure that the location of the construction has to be free from floods,” Oktohari said.

Several areas in the country’s capital of Jakarta have become options for the location of the construction of the world-class training facility, local media reported on Saturday.

“We will coordinate with the government on the plan to build the world’s class facility,” he remarked.