GM develops trailer brake technology to reduce stopping distance

CHICAGO (Xinhua) – General Motors (GM) will apply a newly developed electronic braking assist system to its trailers to dramatically reduce stopping distances, the United States (US) automaker said on Tuesday.

GM has already used the technology in several 2020 pick-up models, and wants to go one step further by applying the so-called eBoost system to trailers. With eBoost systems on both the truck and trailer, and proper software to enable communication, GM said the stopping distance of a truck and trailer has improved by up to 40 feet from 60 miles per hour
to zero.

The eBoost braking system reportedly integrates master cylinder, electro-hydraulic booster and ABS modulator into a single unit. The new brakes do not need a vacuum booster or vacuum pump to boost the driver’s input to the brake pedal.

Utilising the truck’s eBoost braking system, GM engineers have integrated a trailer with a similar eBoost system and upgraded hardware components such as brake rotors, calipers and tires.

It will allow a truck and trailer to stop in the same distance as a truck by itself at its gross vehicle weight rating, said GM.