Filipino duo gets jail for theft

Rokiah Mahmud

Two Filipino nationals were brought to the Bandar Seri Begawan Magistrate’s Court on Thursday following a report involving a theft case at the Stor Flat Pangsa, Jalan Padang, Berakas.

Zardon Andrade Estrera, a male driver, 37, took several items that belonged to his employer in Jalan Bedil, Berakas. His act was assisted by the second suspect, MA Teresa Besejos, a female domestic helper, 43. She then transferred all the stolen items and kept them at a store in Jalan Padang, Berakas. The stolen items were intended to be taken by the suspects to the Philippines to be distributed among their family members and personal use.

Suspects will face a charge under Section 381 and Section 34 of Chapter 22 Penal Code – theft by servant of property in possession of master done by several persons in sharing common intention. The Magistrate sentenced the suspects to 10 months’ imprisonment at Maraburong Prison and Jerudong Prison.

ABOVE & BELOW: Items recovered during the investigation. PHOTOS: RBPF