What to expect from South Korean tech leaders at CES 2020

Song Su-hyun

SEOUL (The Korea Herald/ANN) – Expectations were high yesterday about what will be unveiled by tech giants from South Korea – one of the most advanced IT powerhouses in the world – with one day left for the kickoff of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, United States (US).

Given that the number of Korean tech firms and research institutes attending the show this year marks the largest of around 400 amongst 4,500 global participants, Korea is anticipated to boast a greater presence in the world’s biggest IT show with its companies showcasing up-to-date technologies in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, mobility and 5G networks.

The country’s two biggest tech titans Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics will envision new lifestyles and experiences driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and announce new home appliances, gadgets and software platforms as part of AI-based home and living solutions, according to the firms.
Among all gadgets, however, TVs always steal the show.

Samsung said it will present a new line-up of bezel-less QLED 8K TVs featuring some new functions that didn’t exist in previous models.

The company said it has minimised the bezel to less than one per cent by expanding the screen area to 99 per cent, adopting the Infinity Display design used for smartphones.

Due to an enhanced AI processor using both machine learning and deep learning algorithms, the 2020 QLED 8K TVs adjust brightness and contrast adaptively to surroundings, the firm explained.

The object tracking sound plus technology in the 2020 models will enable the sound system to recognise moving objects and track their sound with multiple speakers embedded in different corners of the TVs, offering 5.1 surround sound.

Samsung also has made it easier for viewers to connect their smartphones with the TVs through Tap View that allows users to touch the TVs with their phones for mirroring.

QLED 8K TV on display at Samsung’s booth at CES

LG Electronics said it will bring two more 8K TV models to the Las Vegas show.

The 2020 lineup of LG’s 8K TVs will include a 77-inch organic light-emitting diode TV model, in addition to the current 88-inch model, and a 65-inch NanoCell model, along with the current 75-inch model.

LG highlighted that its 8K TV models have around 90 per cent contrast modulation levels, certified by the Consumer Technology Association, the organiser of CES.

All four models have been granted the CTA’s 8K UHD logos in recognition of 8K picture quality, the company said.

The 8K TVs will also feature the third generation of LG’s AI processor Alpha 9, designed to recognise human faces and text in images onscreen and to automatically upscale the quality of images to 8K.

Other than TVs, Samsung and LG both are going to unveil upgraded home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dryers and clothes care systems, boasting enhanced AI capabilities that offer greater convenience for users.

The two are also expected to introduce various home robots. It will be the first time for Samsung to officially debut its robot portfolio.

For future mobility, Korea’s largest automaker Hyundai Motor will present its new mobility road map. A teaser image has suggested a human-centred mobility vision.

SK Telecom will showcase the world’s first 5G technologies at CES 2020 and how telecommunications can play a role in the future of AI.

The mobile carrier plans to debut new 5G-based media services and mobility solutions. SK Innovation, an energy solution affiliate of SK Group, will present the roles of lithium-ion batteries and advanced materials for future electric cars, ships, aircraft and trains.

The company will exhibit its core EV battery and material technologies introducing them as the key to future e-mobility.