Duo jailed two months for stealing metal drainage covers

Fadley Faisal

The Magistrate’s Court yesterday handed a local duo two months’ jail after they pleaded guilty to stealing metal drainage covers from a commercial building.

DPP Mohammad Kamal Ariffin bin Ismail informed Magistrate Mohammad Marzuqi bin Sabtu that Haji Mohammad Abdul Hanis bin Haji Rasid, 35, and Rahman bin Tuah, 52, scouted in a car for metal to steal when they came across a commercial building on Jalan Bebatik Kilanas and loaded their car with two pieces of rectangular metal drainage covers and headed off to a scrapyard in Ban 6 to sell the stolen items off.

The duo sold the metal covers for BND43, along with a car battery with total proceeds of BND60.

The defendants split the money equally between them.

The building owner was in Kuala Lumpur on that day when he received a message from a building tenant complaining that the metal drain covers were missing.

As the building owner had planned to come home the same day, he went straight home as he arrived in Brunei at 4pm and checked CCTV footage from cameras installed at the building and caught the duo in action.

This led to the building owner filing a police report and eventually the defendants’ arrest.