Drill prepares employees for fire emergencies

Izah Azahari

The Fire and Rescue Department’s Operation ‘A’ Branch of the Brunei-Muara District held a Fire Drill at Rentokil Laundry in Kampong Kiarong organised by its Public Relations Division recently.

Some 35 Rentokil Initial employees participated in the activity.

Fire marshals were tasked to evacuate employees from the building to a designated assembly point.

Six fire and rescue personnel from the Beribi Fire Station led by Deputy Station Officer Arfan bin Minudin, along with Station Officer Pengiran Haji Muhamad bin Pengiran Tengah and Assistant Station Officer Rustam Efandi bin Haji Metusin from the Public Relations Division of the Operation ‘A’ Branch also participated.

The briefing’s objective was to enhance workers’ awareness on the dangers of fire, as well as on safety during unpredictable weather; developing a sense of responsibility and concern about fire safety aspects in buildings; and enabling interaction, cooperation and strengthening of relationships with the Fire and Rescue Department.

The Fire and Rescue Department reminded the public that fire can happen at any time and it is important to remain alert and call 995 for emergencies.

Fire and Rescue personnel during the drill. PHOTO: FIRE AND RESCUE DEPARTMENT